REO Asset Management

Miami Property Management LLC has successfully closed hundreds of real estate transactions since its incorporation in 2009. With our team of Real Estate professionals and top notch REO Asset Management we have a program that fits all your portfolio needs.

We offer a full service program to ensure your every needs are met. Our professionals are ready to work once your property has completed the foreclosure process and we will follow through all the way to asset liquidation.

  • Accurately evaluate each property
  • Property preservation and repairs. (General Contractors are on staff to complete any needed repairs.)
  • Eviction services are handled in house to ensure proper timing. Cash for Keys are other methods used to ensure a quick eviction process.
  • Customize program to every clients property liquidation needs.
  • Research and negotiate any secondary liens and code enforcement violations.
  • Oversee Title Company to clear any Title defect.
  • Market property, negotiate/oversee transactions for a timely closing.
  • Accurately disburse proceeds of liquidated property.

Our proven management services will deliver what others promise which makes MPM a top choice as your next REO Asset management company. Our client portal provides full transparency to our clients and ensures that your asset is management correctly at all times. We offer a large range of customizable reports in real time for your reporting needs.

Full service REO Asset Management services include:

Market Analysis:

  • Accurate Evaluation
  • BPO (Broker Priced Opinion)
  • CMA
  • Appraisals
  • Property Inspections

Professional Vendor Network:

  • Licensed Brokers and Realtors
  • Contractors (GC, Roofing, HVAC, Plumbing, etc)
  • Professional Property Managers
  • Attorney and Title Companies


  • Secure/Property Preservation/Winterization
  • Repairs
  • Correct Violation
  • Eviction/Cash for Keys


  • Monthly Marketing Reports / MLS
  • List Price Reductions
  • Offer Negotiations

Overseeing Closing:

  • Sales Contracts
  • Clearing Title
  • Negotiate Liens & Violations


  • Online Real Time Reporting
  • Variety of Reports
  • Transparency



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