Residential property management is both rewarding and challenging and should be handled by seasoned professionals with a proven record of success. So if you are a property owner or investor who needs a residential property manager, then you should seek the professional services of Miami Property Management LLC.

For the past 7 years, we have successfully managed residential properties in South Florida including Broward and West Palm Beach Counties.

As a real estate professional, our team has a combined experience of over 20+ years of property management experience in residential income-producing properties. Our ability to tackle concerns strategically, accurately predict the market and demonstrate a commitment to residents and owners/investors have resulted a proven system to manage your property effectively and profitable.

Property Management versus Ownership

The role of a property manager and the functions of an owner do overlap. But there are distinct differences. An owner is usually experienced with the financial aspects of ownership, e.g., raising capital, working with other investors and monitoring market conditions. He/she may have a general understanding of residential property management but is not experienced with the in-depth day-to-day operations required to ensure a profitable venture.

Comprehensive Duties

Residential property management may appear to be simple and straight forward. But it is actually multifaceted with a lot of “moving parts.” The property manager is completely responsible for all operations. Manage and coordinate vendors/staff and uses available resources to accomplish established objectives set forth by owner.

8 Key Areas of Service

1. Accounting
– Set budget for each calendar year including the submission of monthly income and loss statements.
– Provide accurate records. Collect rent, deposit funds in bank and submit rent rolls and delinquency reports.
– Handle petty cash and process A/P invoices for submission to owners.

2. Legal
– Generate proper documentation for lawsuits and follow through with legal action in accordance to local, federal and state laws.
– Handle in house eviction services to ensure that the processed accurately and most importantly fast.

3. Marketing
– Use data gathered from neighborhood market comps to connect with prospective residents.
– Our staff members are seasoned licensed realtors and have advance knowledge of the markets and access to the MLS.

4. Tenant Relations
– Locate and screen quality tenants and
perform criminal background check.
– Ensuring that requests are handled in
a prompt and courteous manner resulting
in consistent retention.
– Handle evictions, utility cut-offs and
landlord liens as necessary for delinquent rents.

5. Risk Management & Insurance
-Minimalizing resident injuries, criminal activity, etc. and responding quickly to emergencies and natural disasters.
– Adhere to city violations and concerns.

6. Sales and Lease
– Make sure property is rented to its fullest capacity.
– Operate asset in owner’s best interest and according to financial goals that ultimately enhance value.
– Help investors buy and sell their asset to the highest value.

7. Repair & Maintenance
– Oversee work performed by maintenance staff and a proactive “safety first” culture is enforced.
– Available 24/7.

8. Vendor Relations
– Communicate with vendors regarding
scheduling, insurance, billing, etc.





Why Choose Us

At Miami Property Management LLC, we are a team of real estate professionals who are licensed and insured. Our full-service company is locally owned and operated in south Florida so we can quickly travel to the properties we serve. We are available during normal business hours, evenings, and on weekends/holidays in case of emergencies.

South Florida has several management companies that are capable of maintaining your property. But Miami Property Management LLC is the only one that can give outstanding personal service and a consistent high rate of return.

We also offer expert advice and a free consultation without any obligation to sign a contract. So call us today at 305-428-3904.



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